Kalyani U. Uday

NUDITY is a part of natural beauty that has been showing aesthetically beautiful in Indian art but society find vulgarity in it which expressed by the artist. In college period, I have studied the drawing of male and female in nude during practicing portrait and represented a partial part of it in my artwork of creative drawing. When i saw the model, they were NAKED and after studying they were NUDE for me. Because there is a difference of VISION which grow the ability to see beautifully towards the things.What I see that is reality. When it reflects in my artwork, it is only ILLUSION that differ from objective reality. Things are beautiful as we see as a beauty of creation of NATURE and ARTIST. According to me, VISUAL ART IS A LANGUAGE OF VISION. Here I took a DISCERNING EYE to capture beauty of nude and represented it with creative mind through drawing.

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