Isolated. A Self Portrait by Wieslawa Nowicka

Isolated. A Self Portrait by Wieslawa Nowicka


Self Portrait " Isolated" 2021

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  • About the Artist

    Wieslawa NOWICKA, born in Poland, lives and works in Paris, like her double culture, she seeks a pluralist dialogue on art and many of its forms by working on invisible borders, leaves by the time or existential traces (by the body). As a result, she has liberated herself from a singularity, permitting her to explore the facets of history, anthropology, and psychoanalysis through the plurality of arts – painting, design, performance and video installations.

    What she delivers is a cornucopia containing all the avenues to express the artist and his or her gesture, their work and its relationship to the moving image. Her work specifically stems from her adoration of independent and experimental film, which she observes as the questioning of the visual medium itself.


    Following her fine arts education in Poland, Paris and Brussels, she turned to audiovisual art and cinema. She received a diploma in cinema and then a second in intercultural communication in Paris. As an artist she has participated in several projects and festivals, including the Nuit Blanche in Paris, and as a project leader (curator) she has created artistic events (Intercultural Visual Form) as well as film screenings by young, international directors, in France and in Poland. But from 2019, she has been focusing more on her personal work and artistic research that reflect her experience and desire to share. She has begun using the conflict, of content and expression, to highlight the relationship of art, space and its impact on our visual consumption.


    Themes like tradition, trace, transition and appropriation are part of the concepts and inspiration for her projects.


    In Her work, space is a main theme, in an equivocal or direct way, she questions the identity of place and the appropriation of space by the individual, the object, the art, the tradition and the context.

    By the way, Her work has driven her to co-create an association/ artist collective that disseminates visual art in the public space. The association projects short-films across Europe, which not only promotes emerging, young talents but also permits art to integrate freely in areas devoid of expression

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